Fire Print Cookware Oven Hot Pad and Pot Handle Holder – Set of 4


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These hot handle holders or hot pads are a must for any kitchen! They can be used on all types of cookware not just cast iron. If you have a variety of sizes of skillets or if you have modern and vintage cast iron pieces this is the set for you! Each hot pad has 4 layers of fabric plus 4 layers of Insul-Bright to protect your hands from your hot pan, even at high temps. They slip on & off easily and are large enough to allow plenty of room for your hand to be protected no matter the length of the handle. These are hot pads but will scorch or burn if they make contact with flames or are too close to your cooking heat source. Do not leave in the oven, grill or put in the microwave. Hot pad pockets can be machine washed on the gentle cycle. Pattern placement may vary from listing photo. This listing includes 1 large & 1 small skillet handle size and a set of 2 pot handle size hot pad pockets.


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