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How To Wrap A Gift

How to Wrap a Gfit

Do you ever wonder why we give presents or gifts? Giving gifts is an essential part of human interaction and there are some reasons why people give gifts. For some, it is not only to celebrate a special day nor a love language or to show thoughtfulness but also a cultural element. A tradition or custom to show appreciation and gratitude to a person on any special occasions. The art of wrapping gifts has been around for centuries but until today many individuals are still faced with the dilemma of what techniques to use. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to wrap a gift.

What you need

  • Container(box)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors or wrapping paper cutter
  • Tape

Step 1

Gather all the materials needed. Clear a large area with a flat surface such as a kitchen table.

To measure the right amount of paper to be used, place the box in the middle of the wrapping paper making sure you have enough paper to slightly overlap in the middle of the box. Estimate how much additional paper you will need to cover the end of the box. Once you have the proper paper size, cut using sharp scissors or paper cutter.

Step 2

Next, you will have to pull the paper over the box keeping it smooth and taut, secure the paper to the box using the adhesive tape you like best, you can choose the classic transparent tape, or choose adhesive tapes with decorative motifs like washi tape.

Step 3

Now let’s go on the sides. Push the paper down creating a nice 45-degree angle crease or flaps that you will need to fold back in. Bend the top flap down and the bottom up. You can cut or fold any excess paper on the flaps so that it aligns perfectly with the top of the box. Secure with your tape of choice.

Step 4

Repeat previous step on the other end of the box.

Step 5

Once the gift is wrapped, we can add finishing touches or decorate it.

Think of accessories that will finalize the look of your present. You can use almost anything to make each package unique. Here are some examples:

  • Ribbons of all colors, widths, and textures: From paper, fabric, plastics stickers
  • Strings: Wool strands, colored rope, embroidery threads
  • Natural objects: Pine cones, dried leaves, popcorn, cinnamon sticks, lavender branches, small shells, feathers
  • Other Objects: such as decorated hair elastics, small keychains, small toys, balloons, bells You can also use stamps or stencils to decorate the box.

How to wrap a gift in an extraordinary way?

  • Wrapping a gift with a newspaper or can be an elegant style it does not only create sophisticated packaging for all kinds of gifts it has also a vintage touch added to it.
  • Wrap a gift using a tulle, it is very versatile and depending on how you cut it, It allows your gift to blend in with any decorations. It can be used with a combination of different colors.

  • Not everyone likes the idea of using paper wraps fortunately, you can transform a scarf into a beautiful gift wrap. It is creative and unique. You can check our beautiful scarves here

  • Do you have a friend or a loved one who adores traveling or is an avid comic reader? Then this next idea is great! Use a map or comics to wrap a gift, they will definitely love it.

  • Artificial or natural rose petals. It is widely used around the world to decorate and make unique crafting and packaging items. It is perfect for a wedding, charity events, dances, parties, craft projects, and gifts baskets.

Wrapping a gift can be a difficult task especially when the gift is oddly shaped. This skill can be easily mastered and remember, the right tools can make all the difference on how to wrap a gift and the best part of giving someone a present is seeing how happy they are when they open it. Visit HopeMade Designs for your gift needs and add on the optional gift wrapping service with a handwritten note.

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