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7 Ways to Style Your Scarf

Scarves have become popular both for comfort and style. They are no longer only used to keep warm in the bitter weather but more often, it becomes one of the classiest accessories to liven up even a dull outfit. Scarves come in various forms, sizes, and fabric. The infinity scarf, for example, is a large closed loop that can be worn in various trendy ways. Experimenting how to tie your scarf can change the look of your normal outfit.

Below are some ways to style your scarf:

1.The Classic Circle

It’s the best style to really give warmth during the cold weather. Simply put your scarf over your shirt or coat and let it sit on your shoulders.

2. The Turtle Neck

Just simply loop the scarf around your neck twice then pull one loop to hang lower on your body while the other hugs your neck tightly.

3. The Back Loop

Loop around your neck and gather extra length at the back to create style and let it drape.

4. The Hood

Protect your hair & ears from the wind or rain with the hood style. Simply put it over your shoulder like the classic circle and pull up the back of the scarf to form a hood.

5. The Single Loop

If you just feel like putting some accent on your plain colored-shirt or dress, then this could be a good style. Just drape the loop over your neck like wearing a huge necklace.

6. The Shawl

For larger scarves, this is a great way to cover up with style. Slip your right arm and left arm into the loop. The opposite end of the scarf should hug the shoulders. Adjust the fabric if necessary to comfortably fit on your shoulders.



7. The Pull-Through

Hang on to one end, put in on the back and pull it through. This is one of the classic ways to style your scarf but it never gets old when it comes to fashion.



Whatever way use your scarf, whether to give warmth or to accentuate your outfit, you sure to find a style that makes you comfortable. For fashionable and functional infinity scarfs, visit hopemadedesigns. They offer wonderful collection scarves which are made with super soft, high-quality flannel and have a hidden pocket for dual purposes. Custom orders are also welcome.

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